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left_quote_24Before that, we have changed 3 led lights supplier, until we met ZarKK.

Zak can fully understand our needs, and quickly give solutions, they also have 7 x24 support services, which is why we cooperate three years.I really enjoy working with ZarKK, the service is first-class.


Katherine Ryan




As a retailer of led lights, I need to find a supplier that has guaranteed quality and competitive price , because no one want to worry about poor quality products and  lost profits because of the high cost. ZarKK has strict testing standards , I’m assured of their products.The reasonable price also let me get more profits.

testimonials3Michael Kohen




Two years ago, we completely outsourced our production to ZarKK in Asia, and we made a strict production and testing standards, specific to our lamps irradiation distance and brightness.

ZarKK has been committed to professional, well-trained team to complete our review of orders and shipments.

It is almost if they are part of our company, but they produce various products for us, let us make an informed decision?

ZarKK is certainly what we expect to improve our business partners in Asia.

testimonials1Helmut Schroeder




Zarkk committed to the development and production of quality assurance for different purposes led lights. Main products are led light bars, led working lights, scene lights and solar led lights. These led lights are widely used in automobile, motorcycle, truck, marine, industrial lighting, public place lighting, office lighting, home LED lighting, commercial lighting structures and military lighting.


Zarkk led light bar sizes from 2 inch to 50 inch,  there are three types of lighting, spot, flood and the combined. High quality led light from the strict production and testing standards, our led lights can work at -40 degrees to 80 degrees, highly waterproof and dustproof, IP68 standards, more than 50,000 hours life, and more high luminous efficiency, lower power consumption, higher brightness and better seismic drop resistance properties.


Zarkk also supplies a variety of headlights, strobe lights, flood lights, and high bay lights, these lights are widely used in the automotive, motorcycles, all kinds of boats, commercial and industrial lighting. Cars and boats so that you look more cool also make driving safer. Zarkk is considered the highest quality led light manufacturer, please sourcing ZARKK brand.


Zarkk has been committed to the development of environmental protection and clean energy ,the use of advanced solar technology in the LED. Zarkk solar led lights covers most of the outdoor lighting field, such as solar led garden lights, solar led street lights, solar led landscape lights and portable solar led outdoor lights.

Exports to 29 countries and regions
Out put 65,000Pcs/Month
Customer satisfaction is 98.4%
12 Production and testing standards
Reach 8 certification standards
Total exports 2,860,000 Pcs LED Lights

*These data as of Jan. 2017, updated each year.  See why ZarKK Lights.

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