How to be a worthy choice of LED suppliers?

Without any limitation, accept any purchase requirements?

Absolutely not, if a supplier does not go to locate their own customers, it will be a supplier with no principles of management. Imagine, he didn’t know what type of buyer as his main service , he accept all buyers orders, all types of buyers on product quality, standards and the delivery time is not the same ,different requirements of the orders will be produced from the same factory, this is definitely a chaotic scenes, confusing results may be your goods has been postponed produced, because there are some large customers’ orders crowding out the original part of your production line or the quality of your products do not meet your requirements. Because this time, the production line has been busy producing low-cost low-quality product orders, a supplier finds it difficult to produce a product using a variety of quality standards. It may also be difficult for you to solve the problem in a short term, because the supplier takes a lot of energy to deal with the different requirements of buyers and production problems.

ZarKK well aware a supplier can’t service all types of customers, there is no limit to accept all types of purchase orders can only lead to inefficiency and confusion. We have always respected simple and efficient service to our customers.

ZarKK positioned only led lighting products and related services to SME customers, as companies around the world, the small and medium-sized enterprise(SME) is the source of the world economic activity, they account for more than 95% of the number of enterprises around the world, they have a more flexible way of communication, more innovations and stronger spirit of cooperation. We are more willing to growth and development together with our customers; this is going to be a process of learning from each other, but also a pleasant and unforgettable experience.

The advantages of ZarKK mainly reflected on the customer service and high performance to price ratio. We do our best to do every step, to avoid any trouble that may be brought to the purchaser. Our main cost-effective products, the most appropriate price to supply high performance led products. We do not advocate the low prices to attract customers to buy the inferior products, the lowest price of products will bring a lot of after-sales problems, may even cause safety problems; we do not promote the most expensive price to use the best materials to manufacture LED lights (except for special requirements for products), which will look like some waste, any product is the product of compromise and balance. For a long time, cost-effective products become the best-selling all over the world.

ZarKK willing to be a supplier the growth and development together with you, waiting for your coming.