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About us

In 2009, Energy-saving became the focus topic of global concern as the United Nations Climate Change Conference was held in Copenhagen. Jason realized that the changes in the lighting industry would be accelerated, and lighting that was more energy-saving, more bright, more durable would become the main trend.

He prepared to build a team and search for the best light option with the goal of providing quality LED technology and great customer service. In 2010, Jason started his business in the Advanced LED Research Center which later became ZarKK LED Lighting.

His team chose the industrial LED lighting to research and development which has higher technical requirements and more complex production process. The Industrial LED products include automotive LED lighting, marine lamp, mining lightest.

Now, ZarKK is not only a professional LED lamp manufacturer but also an experienced LED business solutions service provider. Its products can be found on All-Terrain vehicles(ATVS), trucks, off-road automobiles, yachts or boats, mining machines, and other fields (home lighting & commercial lighting). Whatever the need, ZarKK will meet and exceed your expectations of designing products; it has many great business Solutions service for OEM/ODM.

The world’s leading product technology standards to meet the requirements of a variety of harsh environments. Such as IP68 100% Waterproof and dustproof,average useful life is 30,000 hours, 90% of the super-efficient electric energy use efficiency.

We set up our headquarters in Hong Kong, China, in order to make us closer to Asia’s LED production base, which is more convenient for providing LED lighting supply services.

The experienced and professional trading team will be able to communicate well with you and provide solutions that will allow you to trade at a low risk and high efficiency.

The innovative R & D team will launch new products according to market feedback in a timely manner so that you will be in a leading position in the global market and make higher profits.

Our mission is to ensure that you are satisfied with your cooperation with ZarKK.