ZarKK has legally registered company in Hong Kong with a registered capital of 1,000,000 Hong Kong Dollars. The protection of the legal company is a strict government regulation, you can make a complaint or seek compensation for any loss. On the contrary, some individual sellers or small factories have few guarantee of the transaction, when there is a problem of transaction, you will not be able to find them, and can not restore loss. ZarKK can reduce this risk, and also provides quality products and good services.

Because we have our own factory and cooperative factory, so We have a lower MOQ requirement than other suppliers, and we will offer different quotes according to your order quantity. Please contact your customer representative for more.

It’s worth noting that the price is not the lower the better, but in the premise of quality assurance go on the price is valuable. We have many years of production and sales experience, so we can effectively control the cost of raw materials procurement, and we are factory direct production, reducing the intermediate links, so we can provide competitive price, and you can get more profits.

Our factory’s production is limited, orders of large customers will take up most of our production, our short-term goal is to serve our past customers and some new small and medium-sized customers with good quality and service and then to develop larger markets.

Small and medium enterprises(SMEs) need more experience and strength of enterprises to provide guidance and help than a large enterprise, we are willing to go with some scale similar customer enterprises to solve the problem, grow together, create greater value for consumers,the cooperation will be more enjoyable.

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