Sourcing service


ZarKK is aware that many of their customers’ needs are diverse; they often need to contact a lot of suppliers to purchase different products in order to complete their own procurement plans. With the process of separate procurement, a lot of time and resources are spent. Since our product range cannot cover every product (such as car taillights or packing boxes), we provide a sourcing service, and you only need to spend very little on service charges. With your purchase of the time spent and budget, these service fees certainly save a lot.


What is the sourcing service?

In the global market, procurement services are typically provided by purchasing agents (such as the ZarKK procurement team), which are located in low-cost countries. High-cost national companies that want to buy components, products or materials from low-cost countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand and Latin America, do not want to set up an IPO abroad to gain a competitive advantage. Representatives can be well employed to search, select, and negotiate with suppliers.

Simply put, in order to avoid the unfamiliarity of the target market, you are entrusting your purchasing agent (such as ZarKK) to purchase according to your needs and plans, and pay a certain service fee.


Will a sourcing service be more expensive than a direct purchase?

Purchasing agents will generally charge certain service fees based on your procurement needs, which are generally relatively low service charges. For some special products, with higher procurement costs, we recommend that you utilize direct procurement, rather than using procurement agents. Purchasing agents have a lot of advantages, such as mergers and orders for bulk purchases, but they also understand the local market conditions, and better understand the price negotiations. These advantages can bring more competitive prices, even with the purchase of agency services. The overall purchase price is generally not higher than your own direct purchase price, and may even be lower.


Who needs a sourcing service?

1. Those who understand the procurement market but want to save time and reduce the risk for buyers.

Many buyers are familiar with the procurement market, and also understand product quality and prices. They want to outsource these trivial procurement tasks, because they understand the details of the procurement, so local procurement agents will complete product inspection and complex negotiations, and they only need to assign the task according to the procurement agency report, which greatly saves time, and also reduces the risk of fraud by a factory.


2. Those who do not understand the procurement market, and they are not very familiar with the products, but hope to purchase high-quality products.

Many buyers are not familiar with the procurement market, and do not fully understand the details of the product, so the probability of trouble and fraud is greatly increased. Selecting a local purchasing agent is a wise decision. You can receive reports daily and then tell your agent about your needs and plans so that they can complete your purchase plan. In this way, the risk and the costs will be effectively controlled.


3.Buyers who cannot communicate effectively with a procurement factory.

High-cost national companies usually do not have the relevant language skills or cultural knowledge to carry out their own procurement work. Dealing with suppliers in Asian languages and foreign cultures is completely different from dealing with domestic suppliers, so choosing a local procurement agent to complete a procurement plan is the best option.


What services and products are included in service sourcing?

In general, we provide services covering almost any legal product (e.g. product packaging or headlamp accessories) and can include market research, supplier selection, price negotiation, quality assurance, quality control, raw material booking, transportation and logistics, inspection before shipment, customs clearance and so on. Our services are one-stop, so you will receive updates on the progress of the project at every step, and everything is in your hands.


The benefits of choosing the ZarKK’s sourcing service

1. Save on time and budget, improve efficiency.

With the help of overseas agents (such as ZarKK), you can save unnecessary travel and accommodation expenses and save valuable time. In addition, pricing negotiation may be conducted in a more efficient manner when both parties are well aware of the procurement negotiations and use the same language. Whether it is small or large-scale procurement, procurement agents can provide a wide range of useful services to simplify the procurement process from overseas suppliers. These can improve your purchasing efficiency, and can save a lot of time and budget costs.


2. Localized operation, reduce risk.

Since you may be far away from suppliers and factories, it may be necessary to verify that your purchase is from a reputable company. By using a purchasing agent such as ZarKK, you can minimize the risk of unethical conduct by a factory. Purchasing agents have a better understanding of local business activities and can even go to the factory and inspect the goods before any large amount of investment. Reputable purchasing agents have the ability to help you with all aspects of purchasing, and they carry out sample inspections and continuous quality checks. This will ensure that the products you want to purchase remain at consistently high quality levels.


3. Better understanding of negotiations, to provide a more effective price.

Purchasing agents have a better understanding of local suppliers and market conditions, to provide the most affordable price. Procurement agents tend to merge a lot of orders to purchase, and such large-scale procurement also greatly reduces the cost of procurement, so you get a better price. Buyers often have a lot of long-term partners, so even small orders can get a better price and faster response.


With ZarKK’s quality service and hard work, we have provided sourcing services for hundreds of customers, purchased thousands of products, and received a lot of positive feedback. Our all-inclusive service (sourcing service) has become an important reason for many customers to choose ZarKK. So don’t delay, Try It Now !