Do you want to be an LED lights dealer? Are you looking for a supplier of LED lights? ZarKK’s services are mainly for small and medium enterprises to provide high performance LED lights wholesale services, for high quality LED strip lights, LED work lights and other LED lights. We will help you promptly to optimize your business, so that your career success is no longer a dream.


About ZarKK

ZarKK is a professional manufacturer of LED lights and LED lighting suppliers, mainly for small and medium enterprises(SMEs) to provide LED lights products and services. ZarKK uses innovative technology and advanced materials in manufacturing high-performance LED lights. All lights have strict inspection standards to ensure high-quality and stable use in harsh environments. Now ZarKK is becoming a very competitive global LED lighting manufacturer and supplier for the SMEs service sector.


Which products can provide wholesale services?

ZarKK’s main products are LED light bars, LED work lights, LED driving lights. These lights can be used for a variety of vehicles (such as UTV, ATV, off-road vehicles, excavator lights), and can also be used for a variety of ship and industrial lighting. ZarKK’s official website for the products can provide wholesale services. If you have any other needs, please contact us.


The benefits of choosing wholesale services

1. More choices

ZarKK provides high-performance LED strip lights, LED work lights and numerous other LED lights. You can find almost everything you need from the LED lights series at ZarKK, without having to worry about contacting many other suppliers to provide different products to complete your purchase requirements.

2. More competitive prices

We have our own factories and some co-operative factories, so we can better control costs. At the same time, we will merge small orders, and we bulk purchase raw materials to reduce procurement costs. Years of production experience also allows us to better optimize the production and supply process. We will provide you with a variety of solutions and competitive prices, so you can quickly gain more market profits, and we can also handle regular orders.

3. High quality

ZarKK specializes in R & D and production of high performance LED lights. We have focused on product performance (such as water, power, brightness, etc.), so that they can be stable in harsh environments. Our products are verified through a number of international certification programs (such as CE, ROHS, EMAK), and there is a 1 year warranty period.


With a unique positioning of serving small and medium enterprises(SMEs) and  the advantage of our own factory, ZarKK services in the field of SMEs to grow rapidly, and to expand the business to the global market. More information about the wholesale business are waiting for you, Please Contact Us .